Hello, gentle reader! We've decided to start thinking about the future of Locl Mkt. Hoping to return with the latest specials from our neighborhood BoCoCa shops sometime soon.

In the meantime, If you have any thoughts or ideas for us, please email mark@loclmkt.com. Thanks!

Hope you're staying in town this weekend, or doing something fall appropriate upstate. It's going to be lovely. Guess what else is lovely? Yes, today's specials from our local food shops here in BoCoCa! It's hard to imagine things getting any better than this.

Have a great weekend!

Wow! It's so beautiful outside. Crisp, fresh air. Bright sunlight. Sigh. Why not pick up some of the latest offerings from our neighborhood BoCoCa shops, grab a bench, and soak it all in? Sounds good, right?

Breathe it in, gentle reader. Feels really good, right? Today's specials also feel really good – comforting, satisfying, tasty. All thanks to our neighborhood BoCoCa shops! Please, dig in.